is a much overlooked aspect of staging a home for sale. Decluttering, painting, cleaning and organization are some of the most common things that are recommended to home owners in the process of preparing a home to be listed for sale

Fact is, with uneven, mismatched or non-existent lighting, these things will not have the impact intended. Missing lighting(burned out bulbs, lack of light at all or non-functioning fixture) will lead to dim or dark rooms. Dark pictures are not interesting and do not capture the viewers attention long enough to see details than might have otherwise interested a potential buyer. The longer a potential buyer views your home online, the more likely they are to be interested and schedule an appointment.


In 2014 incandescent light bulbs were banned from manufacture in the United States. This was due to the fact that they did not meet new efficiency standards. While incandescent bulbs can still be found, CFLs(compact fluorescent light) and LEDs(light emitting diode) are the common choices in most stores. Here is a quick article about CFLs.


LEDs are the most recent iteration of the incandescent replacements. Their development has progressed to the point of being very similar to the light color produced by incandescents and they are now dimmable. Not only are the efficient, but they produce less heat than CFLs and have the longest lifespan of currently available bulbs. LEDs also do not produce a "flicker", like CFLs, that can produce inconsistency in photography and videography. Here is a good article comparing CFLs and LEDs.

Here are some LEDs at the proper color temperature that will give your home a bright, but neutral light. Perfect for photography and showing your home. Click on the photos below to purchase these light bulbs.

interior home lighting

In the end, lighting will only illuminate your home. The type of light you use to brighten your rooms won't make your beat up wood floors, stained couch or dirty windows looks better, it will actually accentuate their deficiencies. No matter what you choose for your lights, be consistent and try not to mix different types of lights, especially within one room. It is best to consult a professional REALTOR who uses the services of an experienced home stager. Prepping your home in the proper manner will allow the best photographs to be taken and will present your home in the best "light" getting you the most for your home!

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