HDR interior photo

Still Photography

Reale Shots offers traditional 2D photos in addition to Flambient Photography and HDR. High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is a technique utilizes multiple exposures to create a composite of the best attributes from each image. This offers the ability to combat the "washed out" look of bright windows and neutralize the shadows of dark corners in a given space. A richer, more interesting image is the result, attracting and retaining the attention of the viewer for more time. Flambient photography uses the blending of a flash image, ambient image and sometimes a specific exposure incorporating flash to get crisp, vivid window views, clean interior surfaces and an overall "rich" and deep image.

In addition to eye-level photos, Reale Shots will take elevated shots to get the best vantage point of YOUR property or space. Whether it's a house on a hill, a sloping backyard or a two story room, we have the tools to maximize the impact of your property or space!

Photo Retouching

Not everyone's home is a model, but with some skilled retouching, we can show your home in the best possible light without exaggerating or deceiving the buyer. Whether wet sidewalks, overcast skies or the need to show the view, we can help make your home show its best!