Virtual Tours

3D/360 tours can take several forms. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of techniques and platforms for creating a 3D/virtual tour. REALE SHOTS utilizes EyesSpy 360, an industry leader known for their high quality images and smooth navigation. The possibilities offered via Eyespy360 are nearly limitless! Features such as in-tour video communications, floor plans, custom branding and more is included with EyeSpy360 tours. Matterport available upon request.

Sample Tour Produced by Reale Shots


EyeSpyLIVE™ allows property agents to join one or more customers inside of a virtual tour, where all parties can see and hear each other. Imagine FaceTime or Skype inside of a 360-degree virtual tour. This way you can learn about the property and ask questions whilst being shown around. It doesn't end there. The customer is then free to conduct a similar experience with family or friends, by simply sending them the link in exactly the same way you would.


EyeSpy floor plan

Giving a unique view of any space, EyeSpyPLAN™ is yet another interactive tool available to move about a space and "feel" what it is like.

Info Labels

tour info labels

Optimise all of your 360 degree virtual tours to showcase your spaces in the best possible light. Add everything from text to full blown 360 degree videos, photos and Google street maps. It makes perfect sense to present everything in the easiest and clearest way possible to give the best first impression of a space that you can. Have a home with recent improvements or new appliance? RealeShots can use info labels to convey this info and even link to that specific items detailed manufacturer information.

Custom Branding

Custom branding is a vital part of any company. Brand recognition is an important part of YOUR marketing and the more the public or YOUR customer sees YOUR brand, the more likely YOU are to be recommended and to see repeat buisiness.

Viewer Logo

tour viewer logo

Nadir Image

This is the logo that you can see at the very bottom of your tour (circular logo that covers the tripod, normally on the floor).

tour nadir

Hotspot Image and Tour URL

The hotspot is what you click on to move into another room within the any of our virtual tours. Realeshots can easily change the hotspot to match your company branding.

Reale Shots is able to make the link address of each of your tours match your company name, for example,

custom tour url